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Hugger Hooper Hugging Pillow

Hugger Hooper Hugging Pillow


Hugger Hooper (HH) is an all-weather hugging pillow that provides comfort and a sense of security to fur babies.

During warmer days, furries like their HH placed on cool flooring to combat the heat. When temperatures are lower, they prefer to snuggle in when their pillows are placed on top of mats or

HH was created by a mommy for her 3 rescued fur babies. She made a prototype after observing their sleeping preferences over several months. It was an instant hit!


Once the babies understood the concept of the pillow, they were 'fighting" to use it and mommy had to quickly produce 2 more to meet the demand.

When the first batch went into the wash and waiting to dry, mommy noticed that the babies were “looking” for their pillows at their usual spots, so, she sprang into action and made 3 more in anticipation of the regular washing.


With each production, mommy refined the production process and even customised the pillows according to the size of the baby in order to provide the comforting hug, sense of security and privacy
(yes, they do prefer to have their own space!).


So, do measure your furry before purchasing one (refer
to the picture on how to measure your baby).

Hugger Hooper . . . for my furry trooper.
Hugger Hooper . . . sleep comfortably and securely.



Designs currently available are:

  • Donut
  • Zoo
  • Fruity
  • Palms
  • Baby Animals


Comes in 5 sizes:

S, M, L, XL, XXL

See size chart for details.

Do note that as your order is handmade upon confirmation, it will take 5 working days for delivery.

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