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Dog Sniff and Search Interactive Nosework Snuffle Toy, the Peapod

Dog Sniff and Search Interactive Nosework Snuffle Toy, the Peapod


The Peapod is a sniff and search game for dogs! Aimed at stimulating dogs' olfactory senses, a sniff game is beneficial and essential for a dog's well-being. It is said enrichment from 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent of an hour walk!


Find three peas in a pod. Plus treatos! Designed with 3 plush "peas" with slits to hide small treats, the Peapod is a velcro 'pod' to hold 3 peas. Hide treats in the pod as well as peas and small enough to play fetch.


The Peapod can be suited according to your dog’s level of scent detection ability. Be next to your dog when he/she plays, to encourage, give hints and praise.


The sniff and search game is a great way to train and beef up your dog's senses, especially helpful for dogs who are sensitive or allergic to grass mites. For rainy days when going outdoor impractical, the game keeps boredom away!


Suitable for dogs of any age, or constitution to have a fun and satisfying game! Even for dogs with disabilities and limited range of motions can benefit from this stimulating game. Terrified / traumatized dogs have the opportunity to celebrate a great sense of achievement in their small safety zone.


It can be used with all kinds of treats, but we personally feel dry treats will be the best in our climate.


Care instructions: Sniff mats are intended for supervised play only. To ensure safety, do not leave product unattended. Inspect it regularly for torn pieces.


Any packaging should be removed before play


Clean instructions:

Spot clean. Machine-washable not recommended.


Size: approx. 5" by 12" by 3"


Material: 100% polyester

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