CatanDog's Anti Flea & Tick Metal Tag

CatanDog's Anti Flea & Tick Metal Tag


The CatanDog’s Tag is manufactured out of jewerlery grade Zamak and charged with electromagnetic scalar waves.


Due to the permanent contact of the Tag with the pet, and the movement of the pet, a bio-resonant field is formed and repels all flying parasites, including those which cause pets danger from disease and discomfort.


You simply attach the CatanDog’s Tag to the collar of the pet, which it will not notice due to the Tag’s size and weight.


You then have to wait between 7-21 days, depending on the pet`s size & weight, for the electromagnetic field to become activated and the protection to become fully effective


  • does not contain any chemicals
  • main function is to repel parasites, to ensure your pet is free of ticks and fleas
  • only 2.5 cm in diameter and less than 125 grams
  • water resistent, including salt water

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