Muttley Crew Training Crewser BioThane®️ Leash

Muttley Crew Training Crewser BioThane®️ Leash


Handcrafted in Singapore, this slip leash from Muttley Crew™ is the ultimate lifestyle leash for you and your dog. 


Versatility allows this leash to be used as a standard leash, slip leash, and is even convertible into a gentle-leader leash for better control over your dog.


Experience a more enjoyable bonding walk with your dog with this slip leash. 


The BioThane®️ material means that dragging it through all the many adventures is never an issue. Just wipe it clean and you are good to go!  


Length: 5.5 ft, including hardware and handle

Handle: 9.5 inches

Hardware: Gold Brass, 2.5 inches⁠

Width: 10mm


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