Back2Nature Wild Bites Veal Ribs (125g)

Back2Nature Wild Bites Veal Ribs (125g)



100% Natural Veal Spare Ribs


Back2Nature wild bites treats are natural, wholesome and traceable to source.


Made from air dried free range australian animals, with no colorings, flavourants, additives or preservatives used in the manufacturing process.


They’re both delicious and healthy source of nutrients for your dogs!


Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight. re-seal after opened.

Pet food only. Not for human consumption.


Feeding Instructions:

Disclaimer: We recommend that pet always consume treats under supervision, especially when trying a new treat. Young dogs and puppies are especially prone to gobbling their food. When feeding your pet food or treats, make sure you have a bowl of fresh water available.



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